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Reference Manual

Personality[O*NET-SOC Code]/personality
   "code" : "17-2051.00",
   "top_interest" : {
      "id" : "1.B.1.a",
      "title" : "Realistas",
      "description" : "A las personas interesadas en este trabajo les gustan actividades que incluyan problemas y soluciones prácticas y directas."
   "work_styles" : {
      "element" : [
            "id" : "1.C.5.c",
            "name" : "Integridad"
            "id" : "1.C.5.a",
            "name" : "Confiabilidad"

This response returns the top interest and key work styles for a career.

For careers with Interests ratings collected by the O*NET program, the top_interest element will contain the O*NET Content Model ID and title of the first interest high-point. A short description is also included. The Interest Profiler results service provides an expanded description of each interest area.

For careers with work styles data collected by the O*NET program, the work_styles element will contain one or more element elements. The id attribute indicates the corresponding element ID within the O*NET Content Model.

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