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Reference Manual

Job Outlook[O*NET-SOC Code]/job_outlook
   "code" : "49-9021.00",
   "outlook" : {
      "description" : "Es muy posible que existan nuevas oportunidades de trabajo en el futuro.",
      "category" : "Buenas"
   "bright_outlook" : {
      "description" : "Esta carrera crecerá rápidamente en los próximos años.",
      "category" : [
         "Creciendo rápidamente"
   "salary" : {
      "soc_code" : "49-9021",
      "annual_10th_percentile" : 37270,
      "annual_median" : 57300,
      "annual_90th_percentile" : 84250,
      "hourly_10th_percentile" : 17.92,
      "hourly_median" : 27.55,
      "hourly_90th_percentile" : 40.51

This response returns information related to job opportunities and employment for the career.

The outlook element indicates whether job opportunities are likely in the future. One of three category values is returned:

  • Buenas - the career meets one or more Bright Outlook criteria
  • Promedio - the career does not meet Bright Outlook criteria, but is projected to have at least a 5% increase in employment over 2022-2032
  • Debajo del promedio - the career does not meet Bright or Average criteria.

Mi Próximo Paso illustrates each outlook category with a graphic, as shown below. Developers can download multiple sizes and formats from the O*NET Graphics page.

Buenas   Promedio   Debajo del promedio

The bright_outlook element is present if the career meets Bright Outlook criteria. One or more category elements are returned to indicate the criteria matched:

  • Creciendo rápidamente - the career will grow rapidly in the next few years
  • Oportunidades - the career will have large numbers of openings
  • Nuevas y emergentes - this is a new and emerging career

The salary element provides annual and/or hourly wages, from the BLS Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics external site wage estimates. The soc_code attribute indicates the SOC code for which the estimate was published. The median, 10th percentile, and 90th percentile estimates are provided when available. If the estimated salary is greater than the maximum reported by BLS, the maximum number will be returned in an element suffixed by "_over": for example, an annual_median_over element would be present and the annual_median element would be missing.

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