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Career report

Career overview (description, tasks)[O*NET-SOC Code]
   "code" : "17-2071.00",
   "title" : "Ingenieros Eléctricos",
   "tags" : {
      "bright_outlook" : false,
      "green" : false,
      "apprenticeship" : false
   "also_called" : {
      "title" : [
         "Ingeniero de Diseño Eléctrico",
         "Ingeniero del Proyecto",
         "Ingeniero Eléctrico",
         "Ingeniero en Diseño"
   "what_they_do" : "Investigan, diseñan, desarrollan, prueban o supervisan la fabricación e instalación de equipos, componentes o sistemas eléctricos para uso comercial, industrial, militar, o científico.",
   "on_the_job" : {
      "task" : [
         "Diseñar, implementar, mantener, o mejorar los instrumentos eléctricos, equipos, instalaciones, componentes, productos o sistemas con fines comerciales, industriales o domésticos.",
         "Supervisar las actividades del proyecto de producción para asegurar los proyectos se completen a tiempo y dentro del presupuesto.",
         "Fabricación de dirigir o coordinar, construcción, instalación, mantenimiento, soporte, documentación, pruebas o actividades para garantizar el cumplimiento de las especificaciones, códigos, o las necesidades del cliente."
   "career_video" : true,
   "resources" : {
      "resource" : [
            "href" : "",
            "title" : "Conocimiento"

This response covers a single career in more detail. Not all elements are present, depending on the data available in the career. The following elements may be present:

  • code - the O*NET-SOC code for the career. See the O*NET-SOC Taxonomy page for more information.
  • title - the career name shown in Mi Próximo Paso.
  • tags - indicates whether the career is considered a Bright Outlook occupation, in the bright_outlook tag. Other tags are deprecated and should not be used in new projects.
  • also_called - a sample of job titles reported during the O*NET data collection process. Job titles are not available for all careers.
  • what_they_do - the O*NET-SOC description of the career.
  • on_the_job - a sample of tasks performed by workers in the career.
  • career_video - careers with this element have a related video describing the work performed and skills needed. The videos displayed on Mi Próximo Paso are developed and maintained by CareerOneStop external site . Visit CareerOneStop external site directly for information and options for incorporating the videos.
  • resources - links to each of the more detailed career web services, as explained below. Some resources are not available for all careers.

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