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Terms of Service

Last updated June 25, 2019

The National Center for O*NET Development (“the Center”) and its sponsor, the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration (“ETA”), provide O*NET Web Services only to parties who agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Web Services are provided on a “best-effort” basis. Although historically O*NET services have exhibited very high availability, no guarantee of availability is made for a Web Service.

    To maintain availability for all users, access may be temporarily throttled or suspended for individual Web Services users who make more than:
    1. 5 requests per second, or
    2. 50,000 requests per day.
  2. Access to a Web Service may be terminated at any time upon 30 days’ notice by email to any Web Services user.
  3. The features, parameters, and interfaces of a Web Service may be changed at any time, at the Center’s sole discretion. Users of a Web Service will be given 30 days’ notice by email of changes.
  4. The Center supports the Web Services by means of the publishing of and periodic updates to the Web Services documentation, available on the O*NET Web Services site.

    The Web Services will be deemed to be in working order if any Web Services user can receive the service. Web Services users are expected to have technical staff that are capable of understanding Web Services in general, and the O*NET Web Services documentation in particular; and of modifying their systems to take advantage of, and troubleshoot problems with, a Web Service.
  5. The Web Services are provided free of charge provided that a URL or link to the O*NET Web Services site is displayed in a prominent place near the use of the Web Services information, such that users understand the origin of the information. The Center will provide attribution icons and guidelines on the O*NET Web Services site, and will notify registered Web Services users by email of any changes.
  6. Parties are required to register with the Center through the Sign Up form. Parties may only make use of Web Services on sites or applications under their control, and which are registered with the Center. Registration information must be complete and accurate, and may be verified by the Center.
  7. Parties are asked to provide a URL and description of the site/application that will provide end users with access to the O*NET information. If the URL is under construction and not available at the time of the Web Services sign up, the Center may contact the party at a later date and ask that the URL be provided.
  8. Parties agree that the Center and ETA may use registration information (such as the name, URL, or logo of a registered organization or product) on the sponsored O*NET Program websites and ETA websites or marketing material, and otherwise publicize the fact of parties’ use of O*NET Web Services.
  9. Parties who make use of O*NET Web Services attest and certify that they:
    1. Will not change, alter, or modify the information provided by the Web Services in any way. Web Services users are permitted to change the format and organization of the information in any way that does not materially change the accuracy, attribution, or intent of the provided information.
    2. Will not present information from the Web Services on their website(s) or within their application(s) in a manner that could indicate to a website user that O*NET information is proprietary, copyrighted, or exclusive to the Web Services user.
    3. Developers of paid or registration-required applications for PCs, phones, tablets, or other devices must obtain permission ( from the Center before including information from the Web Services in any non-freely-available release, unless information from the O*NET Web Services is also available from a free, publicly accessible application or area of the website that does not require registration.
    4. Will not use the Web Services for any illegal, harmful or offensive purpose, or in conjunction with a site or application which contains or displays illegal, harmful or offensive content.
    5. Will respect all relevant copyright, licensing, and other rights associated with data returned by the Web Services, including those outlined on the O*NET Web Services Data License page.
  10. Users who violate the above terms may have their access to the Web Services terminated immediately.