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Reference Manual (API Version 1.9)

List of data tables
   "table" : [
         "info" : "",
         "rows" : "",
         "table_id" : "content_model_reference",
         "title" : "Content Model Reference",
         "description" : "Provide O*NET Content Model elements."
         "info" : "",
         "rows" : "",
         "table_id" : "job_zone_reference",
         "title" : "Job Zone Reference",
         "description" : "Provide Job Zone data (developed to help transition DOT’s measures of Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) to O*NET’s measure of experience, education, and job training)."

This response lists the O*NET Database tables available. Each table corresponds to a single file in the downloadable O*NET Database. Each entry includes:

  • info - Link to the corresponding Table column information service.
  • rows - Link to the corresponding Data rows service.
  • table_id - The table name used in the MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle versions of the Database.
  • title - The file name used in the Excel and text versions of the Database.
  • description - A short summary of the table's purpose.

For more information about the content in each table, along with links to relevant research and technical reports, see the O*NET Data Dictionary.

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