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Reference Manual (API Version 1.9)

Table column information[table ID]
   "rows" : "",
   "table_id" : "knowledge",
   "title" : "Knowledge",
   "description" : "Provide a mapping of O*NET-SOC codes (occupations) to Knowledge ratings.",
   "column" : [
         "column_id" : "onetsoc_code",
         "optional" : false,
         "title" : "O*NET-SOC Code",
         "description" : "O*NET-SOC Code",
         "type" : "Text",
         "format" : "Character(10)"
         "column_id" : "title",
         "optional" : false,
         "title" : "Title",
         "description" : "O*NET-SOC Title",
         "type" : "Text",
         "format" : "Character Varying(150)"

This response provides information about the columns and data types for the given table. The required table ID can be retrieved from the List of data tables service. This response repeats the table-wide information described in that service, and also includes the following information for each column:

  • column_id - Identifier used by the Data rows service, for use in results and within filter and sort parameters. This is also the column name used in the MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle versions of the Database.
  • optional - If true, data in this column may not be available for all rows.
  • title - The column name used in the Excel and text versions of the Database.
  • description - A short summary of the column's purpose.
  • type - One of Text, Number, or Date. Indicates which filter operations are available in the Data rows service.
  • format - Provides more detailed information about the data type, such as the maximum text length.

For more information about the content in each table, along with links to relevant research and technical reports, see the O*NET Data Dictionary.

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