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Reference Manual (API Version 1.9)

Interests summary[O*NET-SOC Code]/summary/interests
   "code" : "17-2051.00",
   "report" : "summary",
   "high_point_code" : "RIC",
   "element" : [
         "id" : "1.B.1.a",
         "related" : "",
         "name" : "Realistic",
         "description" : "Work involves designing, building, or repairing of equipment, materials, or structures, engaging in physical activity, or working outdoors. Realistic occupations are often associated with engineering, mechanics and electronics, construction, woodworking, transportation, machine operation, agriculture, animal services, physical or manual labor, athletics, or protective services."
         "id" : "1.B.1.b",
         "related" : "",
         "name" : "Investigative",
         "description" : "Work involves studying and researching non-living objects, living organisms, disease or other forms of impairment, or human behavior. Investigative occupations are often associated with physical, life, medical, or social sciences, and can be found in the fields of humanities, mathematics/statistics, information technology, or health care service."

This response returns the interest high-point code and top interest descriptors for an occupation. The interests in the occupation's high-point code are included, as are any interests with a standardized score of 50 or higher on the Occupational Interest scale. Each element item includes the ID, name, and description of the corresponding Content Model element. The related attribute links to additional occupations where the element is important; see the Related occupations for Interests service.

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