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Reference Manual

Detailed Work Activities summary[O*NET-SOC Code]/summary/detailed_work_activities
   "code" : "17-2051.00",
   "report" : "summary",
   "display" : "short",
   "activity" : [
         "id" : "4.A.4.b.4.I14.D02",
         "related" : "",
         "name" : "Coordinate safety or regulatory compliance activities."
         "id" : "4.A.1.b.2.I03.D04",
         "related" : "",
         "name" : "Test characteristics of materials or structures."

This response returns the top detailed work activities for an occupation. The related attribute links to additional occupations sharing this activity; see the Related occupations for Detailed Work Activities service.

Up to 5 activities are returned by default. To see all detailed work activities relevant to this occupation, set the optional display parameter to long.

To learn more about the order in which activities are presented, see the following technical report:

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