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Reference Manual

Results[answer string]
   "answers" : "553421321134342523523523254115342111351145453111231155343444",
   "start" : 1,
   "end" : 6,
   "total" : 6,
   "result" : [
         "area" : "Realistic",
         "score" : 27,
         "description" : "People with Realistic interests like work that includes practical, hands-on problems and answers. Often people with Realistic interests do not like careers that involve paperwork or working closely with others. They like working with plants and animals; real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery; and outside work."

This response converts a set of Interest Profiler answers into a set of RIASEC scores. This may be used to identify a user's top interest areas. Six <result> elements are returned, with the numeric score and a description of each interest area. The format of the answers parameter is described above.

This response may also be called without the answers parameter. In that event, each interest area and description will be returned, without the score element present. This may be used to retrieve the text related to each interest area without needing a set of Interest Profiler answers; for example, an application may produce a score report based on paper-and-pencil Interest Profiler scores using the descriptions returned.

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