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Reference Manual (API Version 1.8)

Notice: the Web Services API will be upgraded on March 5, 2019. See the API Version 1.9 page for more information.

Career report

Career overview (description, tasks)[O*NET-SOC Code]
   "code" : "17-2071.00",
   "title" : "Ingenieros Eléctricos",
   "tags" : {
      "bright_outlook" : false,
      "green" : false,
      "apprenticeship" : false
   "also_called" : {
      "title" : [
         "Ingeniero de Pruebas",
         "Ingeniero del Proyecto",
         "Ingeniero Eléctrico",
         "Ingeniero en Diseño"
   "what_they_do" : "Investigan, diseñan, desarrollan, prueban o supervisan la fabricación e instalación de equipos, componentes o sistemas eléctricos para uso comercial, industrial, militar, o científico.",
   "on_the_job" : {
      "task" : [
         "Operar con ayuda de computadora o software de diseño de ingeniería o equipo para realizar tareas de ingeniería.",
         "Preparar dibujos técnicos, las especificaciones de los sistemas eléctricos, o mapas topográficos para asegurar que la instalación y operaciones se ajustan a las normas y requisitos de los clientes.",
         "Consultar con los ingenieros, clientes, u otros para discutir los proyectos de ingeniería existentes o potenciales, o productos."
   "career_video" : true,
   "resources" : {
      "resource" : [
            "href" : "",
            "title" : "Conocimiento"

This response covers a single career in more detail. Not all elements are present, depending on the data available in the career. The following elements may be present:

  • code - the O*NET-SOC code for the career. See the O*NET-SOC Taxonomy page for more information.
  • title - the career name shown in Mi Próximo Paso.
  • tags - indicates whether the career is considered a Bright Outlook occupation, in the bright_outlook tag. Other tags are deprecated and should not be used in new projects.
  • also_called - a sample of job titles reported during the O*NET data collection process. Job titles are not available for all careers.
  • what_they_do - the O*NET-SOC description of the career.
  • on_the_job - a sample of tasks performed by workers in the career.
  • career_video - careers with this element have a related video describing the work performed and skills needed. The videos displayed on Mi Próximo Paso are developed and maintained by CareerOneStop external site. Visit CareerOneStop external site directly for information and options for incorporating the videos.
  • resources - links to each of the more detailed career web services, as explained below. Some resources are not available for all careers.

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