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Interactive Demo (API Version 1.7)

Notice: the Web Services API will be upgraded on January 23, 2018. See the API Version 1.8 page for more information.

You requested the URL:

The server sent back the following response:

Content-Type: application/
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<career code="17-2071.00">
   <title>Electrical Engineers</title>
   <tags bright_outlook="false" green="true" apprenticeship="false" />
      <title>Design Engineer</title>
      <title>Electrical Engineer</title>
      <title>Project Engineer</title>
      <title>Test Engineer</title>
   <what_they_do>Research, design, develop, test, or supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, components, or systems for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use.</what_they_do>
      <task>Operate computer-assisted engineering or design software or equipment to perform engineering tasks.</task>
      <task>Prepare technical drawings, specifications of electrical systems, or topographical maps to ensure that installation and operations conform to standards and customer requirements.</task>
      <task>Confer with engineers, customers, or others to discuss existing or potential engineering projects or products.</task>
   <career_video />
      <resource href="">
      <resource href="">
      <resource href="">
      <resource href="">
      <resource href="">
      <resource href="">
      <resource href="">
         <title>Job Outlook</title>
      <resource href="">
         <title>Check Out My State</title>
      <resource href="">
         <title>Explore More</title>

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